Tom Crichton

Tom Crichton

1941: The Last Year of ‘Our’ East Asia

Tom Crichton was born in San Francisco in 1918. He went to sea at age 15 as a deck-boy for American ships. Later he studied journalism at the Univ. of Missouri and has divided his time between the sea and writing.

At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack he was a news correspondent in Tokyo. He was interned for a year by the Japanese before repatriation.

After the war he fell in love with Spain, where he tried his hand at everything from running a floating night-club to fighting bulls. He put down his gangplank for all sorts of people who wanted to sail, and his uncomplaining boat, the Jack London, carried a wonderful array of bizarre characters-smugglers and nudists, a crooked German professor, and movie stars.

While this book was being readied for publication, Tom was mysteriously killed in Chiangmai, Thailand where he lived.

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  1. Willem Schroder says:

    Dear Friends of Tom Crichton,
    I met Tom at his age of 77 in Puerto Rico where he was living after he was kicked out of Cuba . I was looking for a chef cook position on the Island . As a dutch citizen without a proper greencard he helped me out and invited me to stay at his penthouse apartment. After 6 month he left for Cuba and later on to a veteran home in California. After that we lost contact.

    What remains is a tresure of memories about Tom .

    Who wants to chare information about Tom ,his death, when ? more books or stories.

    • admin says:

      Willem — thanks for your comments on Tom. He lived such an interesting life.

      The GOOD NEWS— we will be publishing MORE of TOM CRICHTON.
      — First, we are republishing his book Our Man in Majorca for Kindle Edition in 2014.
      — Second, we have SEVERAL unpublished works, including his late-in-life manuscripts for his “Dirty Old Man” series. Tom loved to chase skirts and his interests in this never waned. These works are in manuscript form and will need some time for editing into book form. Not likely in 2014.

  2. John newman says:

    In 1959-60 three friends and myself went on holiday to Majorca where Tom was the courier for Horizon holidays. For the following two years our summer vacations were spent on board the Jack London cruising around the Balearic’s. Too many wonderful memories to relate here.
    He said he would not be available the following year as he was going to try chartering in the West Indies , and casually mentioned that he was short of one crew member. Though having had my career mapped out in the world of stock-brokering I, against the advice of family friends and work colleagues jumped at the chance to make up the number.

    We set off from Gibraltar later that year and crossed the Atlantic via Las Palmas with a destination of Antigua. The Jack London was a fairly old Norwegian ketch,very sturdy but rather slow.In Gibraltar my contribution for the voyage was, at Tom’s suggestion a crate of Whiskey , some bottles changed in Las Palmas for a supply of Tuna from a Japanese fishing boat which was in the harbour.

    To say that Tuna and Whiskey comprised part of our daily diet is not far off the truth.
    Since those years ago Tuna is something that I try to avoid, but when it does arrive on my plate I think of dear Tom and our trip.
    I left Tom after arriving in Antigua,he was heading off to the American Virgin Islands whereas I planned to do a bit of travelling

    I did make contact with Tom by letter on a couple of occasions,then lost touch. A few years ago I was able to contact Tom’s sister in America and she told me he was unwell in a home in California. I had hoped to visit theWest Coast over the following two years but happenings here prevented that from taking place.

    Tom was a great character and a rascal, I have just read in the above mail the comment that he ‘loved to chase skirt’ oh yes, I can attest to that. Great times were spent in his company.
    The reason I found this site is due to my wife reading a book with a poem written by Jack London whom Tom’s boat was named after. I then Googled Tom Crichton and got info on the books he had written

    Happy days —

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