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Each of our books has a Kindle icon that will take you directly to Amazon to order.

Kindle editions can be immediately downloaded.

Our current In-Stock catalogue of books is listed below. Available direct from River’s Bend Press

The Williston Experience: A Story of Boomtown Greed  by William H. Schmaltz


$12.00      +$3.00 shipping        IN-STOCK 

kindleAmazon Kindle – $4.99

FRNFor Race & Nation: George Lincoln Rockwell & the American Nazi Party   by William H. Schmaltz

$16.95      +$3.00 shipping        IN-STOCK 

Amazon Kindle $ 7.99   Amazon Kindle Order

mo_coverMotor Oil For A Car Guy’s Soul   by Kevin Clemens

$12.00     +$3.00 shipping         IN-STOCK


Amazon Kindle       $ 3.50             mo


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