Living Through Self-Purpose by Ronald Skriloff

Behind all existence there is the sense or need for purpose. It is the reason behind our doing and being. Every living thing, including human beings have a purpose. At the lowest level of existence the purpose is simple to live, to continue to live and to continue the line of life that is of their existence. Humans cannot escape those basic purposes, but because we have a mind and have come to believe we are something more than animals, we have what we consider to be greater purposes, a reason to exist beyond merely living. We have come to believe (been taught to believe) there is something more for us than simple existing, that we have a greater purpose than eating, breathing, procreating…

The fact is we cannot escape purpose. Too often, however, we come by purpose through the wishes and will of others, living lives that others believe is the way. Long before we have a mental process that can work for itself, we have already been taught how things should be and because of that our purpose is the creation of others. Thus, we live lives as others want us to live. Do things the way others do, have the same reasons for doing them because of being taught that was the way to do. In other words we live the sad state of living others purpose and not our own.

Self-purpose takes us beyond what others want and into a new, and perhaps frightening realm of actually doing what you want to do.

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