Korean Gakuhei: My Life in the Japanese Army by John Young Sohn

John Sohn’s KOREAN GAKUHEI is a heart-wrenching memoir of his youthful years, wholly surrendered by force to the shameless directives of Japan’s militarists in 1944-45. For Sohn, a young, righteous intellectual of Korea, to serve as a “Gakuhei” for the relentless Japanese war-mongers occupying his country, was not merely a hellish expedition but also an exasperating experience.

Assigned to a Japanese anti-aircraft artillery unit, Sohn describes the large-scale US Air Force bombings over Kyushu and Tokyo during the latter phase of the World War II in the Pacific. Witnessing the terrifying spectacles of B-29 bombings, the Korean youth-soldier makes pathetic lament over the stupidity of deranged Japanese rulers whose arrogance and insensitivity kept them from seeing the vastly superior military strength of their adversary. This book is a must for the readership of rising generations of Japan and Korea.

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