Critical Thinking: The Antidote for Faith by Dr. Wayne Bartz

Critical Thinking: The Antidote for Faith, is not just food for thought; it is a true intellectual feast. Throughout the book, Wayne Bartz’s revealing stories add to the long history of foolishness and harm done in the name of religion. Taken together, these examples of supernatural nonsense are a powerful, and often hilarious, indictment of blind faith. Those who have doubts about religion will delight in Bartz’s sharp replies to Believers. With relish, he skewers televangelists, sanctimonious politicians, medical frauds, and self-appointed gurus. Bartz also offers well-honed arguments that rationalists can used to cut throught the fog of magical thinking. In a series of steps summarized by the acronym CRITIC, he shows how critical thinking can be used to evaluate a wide variety of dubious claims. This is a book for people who enjoy spirited inquiry. Although Believers may be unmoved by its arguments and anecdotes, they will have to work hard to defend and retain their faith. Readers who are inclined to question religion will find a worthy ally and an intellectual journey well worth taking.

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