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Eat Free or Die by Kevin Clemens

Simon St. Scot, is an international automotive journalist known for his scrupulously honest new car reviews. His world is filled with luxury, largely provided by the world’s car companies using exotic locales, the finest hotels, gourmet food and vintage wines to attract St. Scot and his colleagues to new car introductions. Writing about new cars, living with old ones… it’s the perfect life for a car guy, until his world comes crashing down. Someone is claiming that St. Scot is dirty, that he has sold out to the “dark side” and his opinions are for sale. When a colleague is found dead, he soon finds himself at the center of a plot to counterfeit the world’s greatest sports cars and a scheme to control a publishing empire. His only hope for salvation lies in setting aside his knife and fork long enough to negotiate international intrigue, corporate greed, carnal temptation, and ultimately murder and mayhem.

ISBN 0-9729445-3-2          OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle   $3. 50            efod

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Irma: Memoirs of a Vampire Gone Dry by Laine Jacob

Light fiction with romance, New York City and a drop of vampire in a short novel.The first true vampire in four generations, Irma finds the idea acceptable and the details disgraceful. She will ‘go dry’!

After Irma chips a tooth – unimaginable considering her family – she meets John Ling at the dentist’s office. Irma loves John’s open mind, his perfectly shaped ear and his dog George; she makes the necessary decisions.


ISBN 0-9729445-3-2    OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle     $ 3. 50           irma

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