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Ronald Skriloff

Living Through Self-Purpose

Ronald H. Skriloff (d. 2011)was born and raised in New York. He settled in Southern California and graduated from the University of Southern California.

After an athletic youth, he spent the rest of his life working, thinking and writing. He is the father of five and grandfather of six, and resided in Palm Springs, California, with his wife Jeane.

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Richard Dokey

The Hollywood Cafe

Richard Dokey’s short stories have appeared in dozens of literary reviews around the country.

He is a winner of the Lawrence Foundation Prize, Michigan Quarterly Review, University of Michigan; The Glick Prize, South Dakota Review, University of South Dakota; The Hoepfner Award, Southern Humanities Review, Auburn University; and runner-up for The McGinnis Award, Southwest Review, Southern Methodist University.

His stories have been cited in Best American Short Stories and Best of the West and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

His short fiction has been included in many general collections and texts. These include:Norton’s Introduction to Fiction, Norton’s Introduction to Literature, Norton’s New Worlds of Literature, D. C. Heath’s Introduction to Literature, Holt’s Four Elements, Harcourt’s  Fiction’s Journey, Paragon House’s Late Harvest, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates’ The Work of Teachers in America, Mentor’s The Chicano, Penguin’s The Chicanos and Southwest Review’s Southwest Review Reader.

He is featured in a number of unique California collections: California Childhood, Creative Arts Book Company; Valley Light, Writers of the San Joaquin, Poet & Printer Press; California Heartland, Capra Press; Highway 99, a Literary Journey Through California’s Great Central Valley , Heyday Books; Proud Harvest, Seven Buffaloes Press.

Dokey has written two plays (Craps and Funeral), both of which have seen production, and for ten years he wrote a weekly human-interest column for the Stockton Record. He has five short story collections to his credit, all to outstanding reviews. His most recent collection, Pale Morning Dun, University of Missouri Press, was nominated for The American Book Award and the PEN/Faulkner Award. Dokey has published two previous novels, Two Beer Sun, Seven Buffaloes Press, and The Hollow Man, Delta West, and a novella, The Mountain, South Dakota Review.

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Monica Knott

Uncertain Flight

Born into a wealthy, Catholic family in 1935, in a small town near Glatz in Hummeslstadt in Silesia. Her father was a lawyer and an accomplished pianist. Her mother was an operetta singer. As a young girl, Monica witnessed the fall of Germany during the Second World War as well the horrific aftermath of the Russian occupation. Monica was deported to Broistedt, a small town in West Germany, around 1946 by cattle train with her identical twin sister, brother and mother.

Ms. Knott was educated at the Renata Hochschule in Hildesheim in 1953. From there, a four year college in Hanover. She also graduated from the prestigious “Erstes Mannequin (modeling school) in Duesseldorf in 1953. Five years later, she and her twin sister emigrated to America.

Ms. Knott taught German at an elementary school in Wentzville, MO, and also at the Berlitz school in St. Louis. In 1960 she became the first twin flight attendant hired in the world of aviation for Ozark Airlines (later TWA).

Recently, Ms. Knott owned businesses as a wedding hostess/coordinator and sold oil paintings.

She loves to work with people and has been very successful in whatever she has done. She has traveled extensively and strives to live a very interesting life. Ms. Knott has two grown children and lives in The Woodlands, TX. In her free time she enjoyes exercise, classical music, theater, watching true stories & war movies, entertaining, traveling, gardening and animals.

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John Young Sohn

Korean Gakuhei: My Life in the Japanese Army

John Young Sohn lives with his wife in California. He was born in Yanggu (North) Korea in 1923, graduated from Wonsan Commercial School, followed by a Seoul Commercial College. Drafted into the Japanese Army in 1943. After the War, he emigrated to the United States and received his Ph.D from Indiana University. He worked for the Defense Language Institute for many years.

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John A. Martin Jr.

When White is Black

John was raised from infancy to young adulthood in Berkeley, California, where he later spent the bulk of his professional career, as the general director of a social service agency. His life journey has included four years of service in the U.S. Air Force, B.A. and M.A. degrees from San Francisco State University and the University of Omaha respectively, post Master’s degree study at Tufts University and the University of California at Berkeley, and a wonderfully satisfying professional life working in anti-poverty programs, social service, education, and civil rights organizations. He is the father of four, and he has four grandchildren.

Check out John’s website —

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Donald Mace Williams

Black Tuesday’s Child

Donald Mace Williams lives in Canyon, Texas. A former newspaper writer and editor, he is the author of two nonfiction books: Italian POWs and a Texas Church: The Murals of St. Mary’s and Timberline, U.S.A.: High-Country Encounters from California to Maine . In addition, Williams has had poems published in Barrow Street, Iron Horse Literary Review, Western Humanities Review, South Dakota Review, Westview, Concho River Review, and other magazines.

He taught journalism in three universities and then returned to newspaper work. His last newspaper job was as writing coach, weekly columnist, and occasional feature writer for The Wichita Eagle. He had also been, among other things, executive editor of the Pine Bluff (Arkansas) Commercial, city editor of the Amarillo Globe-News, assistant city editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and a special writer for Newsday (Long Island).

A lover of the outdoors, Williams hikes frequently in Palo Duro Canyon, near his house, and also skis, casts flies for trout, and hikes in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. He studied singing for many years, sang solo parts in oratorio and musical comedy, and gave recitals of lieder and art songs at several colleges and universities. He is fairly fluent in German, has some knowledge of Spanish and French, can read a little Italian, and has tried off and on for ten years to teach himself the rudiments of Latin.

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Kevin Clemens

kevin clemens

Motor Oil For a Car Guy’s Soul

Eat Free or Die

Kevin is the Editor-at-Large for European Car magazine. The award-winning writer and adventurer, has driven north of the Arctic Circle in the dead of winter, across the searing deserts of China in the heart of summer, through the perils in the republics of the former Soviet Union, in 41 foreign countries all 50 states.

Aside from restoring and racing vintage sports cars, Kevin spends his remaining spare time with his Australian shepherd Mikka conducting volunteer search and rescue work for FEMA.

Kevin is the founder of Demontreville Press, which publishes automotive fiction.

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Laine Jacob

Irma: Memoirs of a Vampire Gone Dry

Laine has worked in a bookstore, as a state social worker and spent 20 years in a Japanese bank. She sits up late at night reading cookbooks and settles for rare steak. Her son holds up the family honor by being a New Yorker. She lives in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with her husband and her dog Blake.

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Motor Oil For a Car Guy’s Soul by Kevin Clemens

Clearly, Kevin Clemens’ heart has overhead valves; his straightforward, engaging writing style invites you to push open the screendoor,sit a spell in the porch swing and just talk cars, weaving memories, dreams, and thoughtful ruminations…

Kevin makes the case for racing slow cars, for pilgrimages to junkyards before they disappear and for solo cross-country drives on two-lane asphalt…Kevin’s book is for the car guy of all genders and all degrees of immersion, from drenched-to-the-skin to first-toe-in-the-water.


ISBN 0-9729445-2-4                $12.95   IN-STOCK              

Amazon Kindle       $ 3.50             mo
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Black Tuesday’s Child by Donald Mace Williams

Born on the first day of the Great Depression, Randy Davies absorbs the values of small-town Texas life in a time and place when the willingness to do hard and unpleasant work is a measure of a man’s worth.

Later, those values fight for dominance when he is tempted to pursue a chancy life as an opera and concert singer and to marry a delightful but childlike girl whom he meets while studying voice in Bavaria.


ISBN 978-0-9729445-5-7   OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle     $ 5.99           btc

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Korean Gakuhei: My Life in the Japanese Army by John Young Sohn

John Sohn’s KOREAN GAKUHEI is a heart-wrenching memoir of his youthful years, wholly surrendered by force to the shameless directives of Japan’s militarists in 1944-45. For Sohn, a young, righteous intellectual of Korea, to serve as a “Gakuhei” for the relentless Japanese war-mongers occupying his country, was not merely a hellish expedition but also an exasperating experience.

Assigned to a Japanese anti-aircraft artillery unit, Sohn describes the large-scale US Air Force bombings over Kyushu and Tokyo during the latter phase of the World War II in the Pacific. Witnessing the terrifying spectacles of B-29 bombings, the Korean youth-soldier makes pathetic lament over the stupidity of deranged Japanese rulers whose arrogance and insensitivity kept them from seeing the vastly superior military strength of their adversary. This book is a must for the readership of rising generations of Japan and Korea.

ISBN 978-0-9729445-6-4   OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle   $ 6.99            

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Founded 2003, River’s Bend Press publishes books on a wide variety of topics. Historic memoirs, vampire novels, automotive fiction, spirited Free Thinker books.  Eclectic subjects for the inquisitive mind.

The publishing industry is undergoing momentous change. E-books have quickly replaced print books as the preferred method of delivery.  At RBP, we are converting our catalog to these formats and embracing this revolutionary change going forward.

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When White is Black by John A. Martin, Jr.

This memoir describes the social aspects of a young boy and his family growing up in an America where the shade of your skin can determine your fate and where the one-drop rule of Black blood you may hold within your lineage has far-reaching ramifications.

ISBN 978-0-9729445-4-0  OUT-OF-STOCK



Amazon Kindle    $ 3.50            wwib

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