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Klamath Falls

The second novel by William H. Schmaltz

The sleepy city of Klamath Falls, Oregon is the setting for the latest Schmaltz novel.

In a state with legalized cannabis, corrupt Klamath County officials finds news ways to restrict cannabis from being sold to the public.

Meanwhile a young couple struggles to find gainful employment and their place in life, amidst the ruins of a dying city.

A story of greed and corruption, cannabis and lust.

Available in softcover – only $14.95 + $3.00 shipping

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William Schmaltz

william schmaltz

William Schmaltz is the author of the biography  For Race & Nation: George Lincoln Rockwell & the American Nazi Party. 

He has lectured in universities on American extremism and appeared on BBC and History Channel documentaries dealing with the Nazis in America.

The Williston Experience: A Story of Boomtown Greed is his first novel.  The book is based on real-life in Williston, North Dakota–the epicenter of the fracking boom in the U.S.

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The Williston Experience: A Story of Boomtown Greed by William H. Schmaltz


The debut novel by William H. Schmaltz

Deep below the North Dakota prairie sits a super-size oil field – enough oil to power the engine of America for decades.

The sleepy town of Williston is the epicenter for the oil extraction.

Fracking becomes a household word; ranchers become millionaires; down-on-their luck people flood into Williston dreaming of “big money” and turning their lives around.

This is the story of greed and corruption, death and destruction.

Life in Williston, North Dakota during the fracking boom.

Available in softcover & Kindle editions from Amazon.

kindleKindle edition – $4.99      Softcover book – $10.00

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For Race And Nation: George Lincoln Rockwell & the American Nazi Party – by William H. Schmaltz


FRN   The inside account of George Lincoln Rockwell’s bizarre life.

Author William Schmaltz brings us in on Nazi planning and strategy sessions, the dangerous personnel conflicts among the stormtroopers, the riots, pickets, and chaos created by the American Nazi Party.

In-depth analysis of the strange relationship between Rockwell and the Black Muslims of Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, the rationale behind Rockwell’s repeated attacks on Martin Luther King Jr., and how Rockwell created the Holocaust Denial and White Power movements and was the hottest speakers on the campus lecture circuit.

Today, more than forty years after his assassination, Rockwell’s legacy continues to spread among America’s fringe groups.

  IN-STOCK     Buy the book —   $16.95    +  $3.00 shipping.

Kindle $ 7.99   Amazon Kindle Order

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Tom Crichton

Tom Crichton

1941: The Last Year of ‘Our’ East Asia

Tom Crichton was born in San Francisco in 1918. He went to sea at age 15 as a deck-boy for American ships. Later he studied journalism at the Univ. of Missouri and has divided his time between the sea and writing.

At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack he was a news correspondent in Tokyo. He was interned for a year by the Japanese before repatriation.

After the war he fell in love with Spain, where he tried his hand at everything from running a floating night-club to fighting bulls. He put down his gangplank for all sorts of people who wanted to sail, and his uncomplaining boat, the Jack London, carried a wonderful array of bizarre characters-smugglers and nudists, a crooked German professor, and movie stars.

While this book was being readied for publication, Tom was mysteriously killed in Chiangmai, Thailand where he lived.

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1941: The Last Year of ‘Our’ East Asia by Tom Crichton

   Shanghai, China, December 31, 1940: The wild, wicked, and bizarre International Settlement is ready to celebrate its final New Year under the control of white men. By the following year, it will be in Japanese hands, and its white ‘masters’ will be their prisoners.
  The author is invited to the mysterious Soviet Club, about which few ‘Shanghai-landers’ know anything. At that date, the Soviet Union is the most widely hated country in the world and Soviet citizens in Shanghai are pariahs. Surprisingly, the guests of honor are the Nazi German leaders in the Settlement and a surprise guest, Hitler’s World War I officer-Captain Fritz Weideman, is expected to land from South America to assert new German authority in China over the objections of her Axis ally Japan. Weideman is blocked by British Intelligence and is a no-show, but Communist Russians and Nazi Germans party until dawn.  
Shanghai puts on a saturnalia unique even in its history with record alcohol sales and nightclub attendance while a record 500 homeless beggars freeze in the streets.

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Critical Thinking: The Antidote for Faith by Dr. Wayne Bartz

Critical Thinking: The Antidote for Faith, is not just food for thought; it is a true intellectual feast. Throughout the book, Wayne Bartz’s revealing stories add to the long history of foolishness and harm done in the name of religion. Taken together, these examples of supernatural nonsense are a powerful, and often hilarious, indictment of blind faith. Those who have doubts about religion will delight in Bartz’s sharp replies to Believers. With relish, he skewers televangelists, sanctimonious politicians, medical frauds, and self-appointed gurus. Bartz also offers well-honed arguments that rationalists can used to cut throught the fog of magical thinking. In a series of steps summarized by the acronym CRITIC, he shows how critical thinking can be used to evaluate a wide variety of dubious claims. This is a book for people who enjoy spirited inquiry. Although Believers may be unmoved by its arguments and anecdotes, they will have to work hard to defend and retain their faith. Readers who are inclined to question religion will find a worthy ally and an intellectual journey well worth taking.

ISBN 978-1-935607-00-7       OUT-OF-STOCK   

Amazon Kindle  $5.50                                     kindle

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Living Through Self-Purpose by Ronald Skriloff

Behind all existence there is the sense or need for purpose. It is the reason behind our doing and being. Every living thing, including human beings have a purpose. At the lowest level of existence the purpose is simple to live, to continue to live and to continue the line of life that is of their existence. Humans cannot escape those basic purposes, but because we have a mind and have come to believe we are something more than animals, we have what we consider to be greater purposes, a reason to exist beyond merely living. We have come to believe (been taught to believe) there is something more for us than simple existing, that we have a greater purpose than eating, breathing, procreating…

The fact is we cannot escape purpose. Too often, however, we come by purpose through the wishes and will of others, living lives that others believe is the way. Long before we have a mental process that can work for itself, we have already been taught how things should be and because of that our purpose is the creation of others. Thus, we live lives as others want us to live. Do things the way others do, have the same reasons for doing them because of being taught that was the way to do. In other words we live the sad state of living others purpose and not our own.

Self-purpose takes us beyond what others want and into a new, and perhaps frightening realm of actually doing what you want to do.

ISBN 978-0-9729445-9-5       OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle    $3.50              kindle link


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Rio Norte Press

Rio Norte Press publishes books and e-books on a wide variety of subjects. Memoirs, novels, historic works are just some of the subjects that are available.  Rio Norte offers authors the opportunity for a greater role in the publishing process with much higher royalty rate than industry standard.

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About Us

Our goal is to publish serious writers and works that have important social content and historical significance. Clever and funny is good too!

Our catalog is growing rapidly and we are very proud of our writers and their stories. Send us a query!  In this new e-book era, we can have more freedom to publish because of reduced costs; your manuscript can be published to Kindle in a matter of weeks.

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The Hollywood Cafe by Richard Dokey

One dark night, when movies were black and white, old Pete Morell was brutally murdered in the back room of the Hollywood Cafe by two men looking for hidden treasure. The treasure was not found. The killers were not caught. The case was closed. A half-century later the past finally catches up with the present.

In The Hollywood Cafe, Richard Dokey again stakes his claim to that part of California he knows so well, the small town life along Highway 99, which runs the length of the Golden State. On the road, however, he finds deeper truths about a world we have lost and the world we have become.

ISBN 978-0-9729445-8-8       OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle     $ 4.99           kindle

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Uncertain Flight by Monica Knott

A memoir of a young girl of wealth and privilege, growing up in an idyllic village in Silesia, during the rise of the Third Reich. When the Nazis were crushed and the Russians overwhelmed the town, her life changed to one of poverty, deprivation, and fear. Knott describes how her family was uprooted and forcefully relocated from town to town…enduring hunger, rape, and extreme hardship, before finally building a new life in America. A poignant, important historical experience; another view of the tragedies endured by civilians during WWII.


ISBN 978-0-9729445-7-1       OUT-OF-STOCK

Amazon Kindle  $  5.99           kindle

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Dr. Wayne Bartz

Critical Thinking: The Antidote For Faith

Wayne Bartz is a retired clinical psychologist and psychology professor. He is co-author of three self-help books: Surviving with Kids, The Better Way to Drink, and Teenagers & Alcohol.

He enjoys retirement in the Sierra foothills back-country with his wife Linda. A long-time animal rescue volunteer, the author is pictured with his newest family member, Bingo.

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